PD30-E measurement of partial discharges

By measurement of partial discharges with the cable diagnostics systems PD30-E by b2 electronics, the dielectric condition of a medium voltage cable can be evaluated.

The cable diagnosis system PD30-E consists of the following units:


The total weight for coupling capacitor and calibrator is 17 kg. Thus the system is perfectly suitable for mobile use.


For measurement of partial discharges a sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF voltage is employed, adjustable over a range of up to 34 kV peak.

Due to the following features, the PD30-E are the most outstanding cable diagnostics systems of their class:

Compact, lightweight and
portable solutions

L 300 x W 250 x H 486 mm - 29 kg

b2 Suite® software
b2 Suite® provides a comprehensive “all-in-one”
software solution for testing, diagnosis and management
with a comprehensive database.

True modularity
The b2 high voltage generators can be easily up-graded to a diagnostics system, keeping initial investment low.

Comprehensive b2 Suite® database enables easy
analysis and evaluation of the PD measurement.

Reporting by a mouse click – simple or comprehensive.

Further information:

  • Measurement of the intensity of partial discharges versus time
  • Localization of faults by TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
  • Display of faults in the partial discharges mapping
  • Phase related depiction
  • Easy to use and language selection

The measurement is documented in the form of a ready-to-use report, containing all relevant results:

  • Calibration Pulse (in accordance with IEC 60270) and end detection
  • Background noise of the measurement arrangement
  • Partial discharges inception voltage (PDIV)
  • Partial discharges level at 1.7 Vo
  • PD extinction voltage (PDEV)

A SINGLE cable diagnostics system for various applications:

  • Cables: XLPE, PE, PILC
  • Capacitors
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Rotating machines (IEEE 433)

The PD30-E enables any test engineer to efficiently perform measurements without long training periods.


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