TD30 tan delta test system

The TD30 tan delta test system by b2 electronics is a portable cable diagnostics system for confirming the dielectric condition of medium voltage cables.

Tandelta TD Control Center

Tandelta TD Control Center

The battery powered, weight optimized device - only 3 kg - is perfectly suitable for mobile use.

A sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF output voltage source

must be used with TD30 tan delta test system, usable over a range between 1 to 34 kV peak.

The dissipation factor measurement is performed with an accuracy of ± 10-⁴ for loads in the range of 500 pF to 10 μF.

The following features make it the outstanding cable diagnostics system of its class:

  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth™
  • Bluetooth™ Dongle included
  • PC-software (TD Control Centre) for display, analysis and reporting
  • Easy to use and multilingual
  • Real time display of output voltage and current
  • Tan delta graph to display tan δ against voltage
  • Automatic generation of ready-to-print reports
  • Battery capacity up to 10 hours
  • Energy saving sleep-mode with auto-wakeup function
  • Cable set for connection to a HVA30 included
  • Earth cable
  • Transport case for the TD30 system and accessories
  • Dell Netbook included


A SINGLE diagnostics system for various applications:

  • cables: XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC, etc.
  • capacitors
  • switchgear
  • transformers
  • rotating machines (IEEE 433)

Using the TD30, any test engineer is capable of performing tan delta measurement without extensive training.


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Datasheet for download