BA60 insulating oil tester

The BA60 insulating oil tester by b2 electronics is a portable Breakdown Analyzer for on-site testing of transformer oil.

BA60 insulating oil tester for voltages up to 60kV

BA60 insulating oil tester

The dielectric strength of insulating oil can be tested in a simple, quick and fully automatic way, without the need to ship oil samples to a test laboratory.


The plant operator is in a position to decide ad hoc on the need for substitution of the transformer oil and to initiate respective measures.


The automatically generated test reports are provided in pdf-format and can be stored on a USB stick.


With a weight of only 19 kg, the BA60 insulationg oil tester is ultra-light and ideal for mobile use.


The test voltage is automatically controlled and increased to a maximum level of up to 60 kV rms.

Flashover voltage is measured with an accuracy of ±1 kV over the whole voltage range.


The extremely short switch off time at flashover is below 5 μs. Thus the pollution of the oil by the electric arc is negligible.


In addition, this allows nondestructive testing of synthetic oil, ester oil and silicone oil.


The device can be operated on 85 V – 264 V (50Hz/60Hz) AC voltage supplies.

The BA60 insulating oil tester – THE outstanding Breakdown Analyzer

Due to the following features the BA60 insulating oil tester is the outstanding stand-alone Breakdown Anlayzer of its class:


  • Compact and ultra-light
  • Automatic test sequences meeting all relevant standards
  • Extremely short switch-off time
  • nondestructive testing of synthetic oil, ester oil and silicone oil
  • Easy to use
  • PC Software
  • Ultra bright color display
  • USB interface
  • Bluetooth™ connection
  • Customer specific test sequences programmable
  • Automatic magnetic stirrer
  • Automatically generated test reports
  • Extended operating temperature


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