HVA hi pot tester and its safety features

With safety “designed in” an HVA series hi pot tester by b2 electronics fulfills all the requirements so as to protect both operator and instrument.

safety features of an HVA hi pot tester

safety features of an HVA hi pot tester

Short circuit protected


The short circuit protected output prevents damage to the device during a test sequence.


12 kV feedback protection


For maximum electrical safety an HVA hi pot tester is equipped with 12 kV feedback protection – by means of an integrated transient resistor.

Signal lamps for high voltage


A RED lamp on the front panel indicates active high voltage! A non-active output is indicated by a GREEN lamp.



Status display of safety functions


All important safety functions and messages are shown on the integrated display. Hence, safe operation of a HVA hi pot tester is guaranteed.  



Fully integrated discharge circuit DDD®


The fully integrated Dual Discharge Device (DDD®) safely grounds the device under test at the end of a test sequence.



Main switch with key-lock


Unauthorized switch on of a HVA hi pot tester is prevented by means of a key-lock main switch.



Emergency-off button


For immediate output switch-off in case of emergencies, an emergency-off button is placed in the center of the front pan