HVA hipot testers and its advantages

Hipot testers of the HVA series by b2 electronics share a multiple common of advantages, summarized here at a glance:



Varying output voltages and operating modes

  • 0.1 Hz VLF sinusoidal voltage
  • DC (+/-)
  • cable fault conditioning (burning)
  • cable sheath / jacket testing
  • Sheath Fault location mode
  • vacuum bottle test

Standards-compliant predefined test sequences for cable testing

Via the user friendly interface, manual or automatic test sequences can be created. Alternatively one may choose from the pre-configured standards-compliant test sequences for cable testing. (IEEE 400.2, VDE 0276, CENELEC, HD620 S1, NEN 3620, SANS 10198, IEC 60060-3)


Outstanding power to weight ratio

At each test voltage point (30-60-90-94kV), the hipot testers of the HVA series feature an outstanding power to weight ratio.



True symmetrical sine wave voltage

The hipot testers generate a true symmetrical sine wave high voltage. Its precise waveform is load independent all over the full output power range.


Large capacitive loads possible

Depending on the selected test voltage and test frequency these hipot testers can drive large capacitive loads up to 15 μF.


RMS measurement of voltage and current

The hipot testers measure RMS-values of voltage and current. Measurement results are shown on the integrated display.


Measurement of capacitive and resistive load

Additionally the capacitive and resistive load applied to the output are measured and shown on the display.


Automatic frequency setting

Capacitive load measurement in addition to the internal frequency calculation enables the hipot testers to automatically select the optimum test frequency.


Current test time display

The hipot testers display the current test time along with the preset test time, to make appropriate test period planning easy and efficient.


Integrated real time scope function

An integrated real time scope function displays the actual output waveform.  



Self-explanatory, multilingual software

The self-explanatory, multilingual software excels in its simplicity and usability.



Measurement reporting

Measurement results of the entire testing procedure are recorded and may be stored on a USB-stick or a PC in a ready-to-use format.



PC software included

The PC software program “HVA Control center“ offers extensive facilities for auto-test procedure programming, as well as results analysis printing and archiving.



Flashover detection and ultra fast switch off

The hipot testers checks continuously for arcing and flashover and in case of positive detection activates an ultra fast output switch off procedure.


Flashover voltage measurement

The flashover detector measures the actual flashover voltage and the result is recorded as well!


Time and current optimized fault conditioning

By using the optimized automatic fault conditioning a high-impedance fault
can be converted quickly into a low impedance connection.
This low impedance connection can then be localized with a standard fault localization tool.


Safety integrated

The numerous safety features protect the hipot testers from damage and provide the safest possible operational environment for the test technician.


No regular maintenance required

Due to the absence of oil-filled devices the hipot testers require no regular maintenance.


The hipot testers fields of application

  • Cables: XLPE , PE, EPR, PILC, etc.
  • Capacitors
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Rotating machines (IEEE 433)
  • Isolators
  • Bushings

Expandability from cable testing to cable diagnostics

When used with the devices of the TD (tan delta) and PD (partial discharge) families by b2 electronics, the hipot testers are expandable to full cable diagnostics systems.


Tan Delta measurement devices


Partial discharge measurement devices